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Windows Tips

Deciding what type of curtains or window treatment to put up in your home is not always an easy decision. Factors such as sun exposure, type of room, and interior decor play a big part in choosing what will be best for your windows.
When a room faces east or west it gets most of the direct sun exposure in the home. If you live in an area that is very hot in the summer, you should choose a curtain that will block out a lot of these rays so that you won't heat up the room so much. There are curtains specifically designed to deflect rather that absorb the sun's heat.
In Bedrooms, you may choose to use the black-out curtains. These can come in a variety of design and black-out opacity. This kind of curtains are great especially for windows that faces east, to keep the maximum amount of morning sun out of the room. Curtains like these are available in a wide array of colors, so it is very likely that you can find a color that matches your decor. Since this kind of window treatment is used to cover the window, it is an option to also put up some other kind of curtain to dress the window up, like sheer panels or a window valance.
Kitchens are traditionally rooms that are full of natural light and warmth. However, you may also have concerns about privacy. One suggestion is to get blinds that allow light in when it is desired and can be closed for privacy. Then, hang a simple decorative curtain over the blinds to give the kitchen a finished, homey look. Be sure to choose the right material that allows you to clean after any meal preperations.
Sliding glass doors present a different challenge. If the sliding glass door are used frequently, you may choose to have a full length curtain with sheers that can be extended or vertical blinds that can be open and close easily. You can also decorate the top of the door with a swag, valance or cornice in colors that complement the room and decor. If the door is not used often you can choose to hang a day and night curtains and sheer for a softer touch.
In the Bathroom,  the size of the window and privacy is the main priority. You may choose to cover the window with a light curtain on a rod, venetian blinds, wooden blinds or even roller blinds. Most importantly the materials choosen. Talk to our friendly consultant to choose the suitable material that you can use for our local weather.

Curtains can give your home a lot of personality and appeal. They can also provide you with privacy and even energy savings. Choosing curtains should be a matter of careful consideration, but also a matter of creativity and fun. Still cant decide? Talk to our consultant today and get a FREE consultation for your home on the spot!


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